US  acrylic on canvas
Sign for a surplus store, Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA
More at http://www.tmichaelward.com/michaelwardartist.htm


US  acrylic on canvas

Sign for a surplus store, Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA

More at http://www.tmichaelward.com/michaelwardartist.htm

7 months ago

 I know that I’m trouble but baby are you willing to place your bet?
Are you willing to drive drunk through this tunnel?
Do you give a fuck to crash?
Instead of dying you fall in live with me just like that
Enter inside of me and fertilize the seeds that will forever bind you to me
Imagine that
But tell me baby…what is life without the road blocks?
You may understand and you may not but when I look at you my complexity seems to fall
I look myself in the mirror and wonder do you still think I’m beautiful
The strands of uncertainty I used to lye about falls to the floor as I reveal my au natural
We’re not seeing heart to heart but boy I’m trying…for you
I’m so good, so loving, I can take you where you want to go
I’m here standing wondering if you see me in my simplicity
In a crowd full of diamonds do you see this ruby humbly shining?
Do you see? Do you see? There’s so much more I can give to you of me

You’re not hearing what I’m saying
The game of chess is to be played

I’m hoping that we can square it out in the ring of pain
And once we’re bloody with our concussions we can look at us in a better frame
I’m so optimistic in a pessimistic circumstance where I have to think realistic in my point of view
I’m hoping


On 14 February 2014 at 7:17 PM...

Where's my omelet?
Did I miss my chance on getting a good omelet after an Olympic worthy dick down?
Yeah, I bugged out. 
I'm a woman...sometimes we do bugged out shit.
If I didn't give a single copper penny I wouldn't inquire about your health and 
wonder how you're doing so much.
I probably got on your nerves and that's understandable because it won't be the 
last time if you choose to swing back my way.
I'm a woman. 
I don't know all the time when I'm pushing things too far. Sometimes I may overlook the "Eject" button that could prevent things from being said and done. Then it's harder when you're getting to know someone and not sure what turns them off. You only have knowledge of the "right things" yet have to learn about the "wrong" the hard way. We don't know much about each other but I knew enough to know I didn't want to make you a conquest to conquer and dismiss. It's a game—men are sometimes. I laugh now as I see how things change when you really want something. It's redundant to go on and on about what I'm used to doing... Calling the shots was one of them. I wasn't patient as I should've been knowing your situation
I understood but wasn't patient to be on standby when you was ready. However, it's your fucking fault too nigga. If we would've talked on the phone things wouldn't have gotten so misunderstood like they did. It's hard to decipher and read in between the lines to detect emotion through words on a screen.
Then again when your feelings are a bit hurt words become just that...words. You're my creative comrade. You're ill to me. Special. That word doesn't get used often to describe the men I encountered. I know as individuals we handle our anger, happiness, sadness and other emotions that we feel in a different way. If I do something wrong? Say it. How can I know what to or not to say and do if you don't check me? How can I be the woman you would need me to be without guidance? Even if I couldn't have you on an intimate love level I'd still want you around as a friend.
In the words of Sir Mason Betha "I want to see you happy even if it's not with me." You're awesome. That spirit within you is cool as a freeze pop. Ice cold. You're being a creep following me on Twitter and liking my pics on IG. Stop giving me false hopes. Lol. Aight. I'm gonna wrap this up. I know you write. So. If figure I reach you...one more time like this. -Your Good Girl.


Van Vogue // Azealia Banks

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University of Baltimore

“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.”

- Will Durant

My new school.

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Ms. Banks honnnnneeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Ms. Banks honnnnneeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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Are you a bada$$?

Are you a bada$$?

Adding to my personal library.

Adding to my personal library.


Niki & The Dove - ‘Last Night’

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